What's so funny about football humor?

Understanding football humor PFootball humor will definitely crack you up! Yet American football is one of the strangest places that one would expect to find humor, considering it’s so violent! But seriously- what's so funny about football? As it goes, jokes in general have always been useful in mocking your rivals in everyday scenarios. Considering the obsession that goes hand in hand with football, the humor is bound to reach the average football fan. And above all the crazy occasions on or off the ‘gridiron’ always translate to some of the best jokes about the teams, players and coaches on the internet. People are always coming up with new jokes about somebody before, during and even after matches, which makes football humor even funnier.

Understanding football humor

The stop and go nature of American football may be annoying, but this rarely stops it from being the target of sports humor. People are always confused by the fuss that surrounds the game and besides politics and scandal- this is one sports that fuels the recipe for comic relief. American football at large is always surrounded by comedy. Most people may not understand why, this article focuses more on explaining why people find football comedy so funny.

Typical fans tend to go crazy but do you know what fuels football humor?

Some of the things may seem pretty obvious, others are just but a part of the craze ‘in and of’ the game. Some of the things in American football just outright are pretty funny if you think about it. Players don't know that fans notice how obvious most of them are. Considering that they have to run around like bulky over-padded gladiators- you wonder how they can even move around. There are a numerous set of diseases that come from maintaining that size and kind of body weight -especially when it’s heart related. You tend to wonder if they are advertising for a fat-foot commercial (oopps did we mention McDonalds yet). And still, this kind of humor is what drives comedians to a whole other levels with all the jokes derived from the game itself.

Another factor that makes American football a real Greek tragedy that becomes so hilarious- is how the game is generally played. Some may even wonder about differences between American football compared that to illegal dog fighting. People derive lots of humor from the game at large due to the excess of male testosterone gone visually off-track. The game is rather dangerous from head on collisions to numerous broken bones. Players are always aggressive and extremely energetic, and there is always a major power drive behind each player. Quarterbacks especially, are always the stars of the game. With everyone's attention focused on them, you always find that everyone wants to be a Quarterback, and all other positions are simply considered muscle and might. This is rather humorous as all other positions are rarely on the limelight. People tend to joke about this majorly because all other positions seem meaningless at that point- so it seems even more obvious to joke about them after the fact.

Kings of comedy fuel the jokes they wish to exploit

Comedians don't rest until they have fully exploited every funny bit of a football game. They love driving people insane with hilarious acts mocking the game. You might find it funny that they try to mock the actual players with their lacking ability to speak, walk or function on a normal level.

The true talent to create football humor is an art all by itself. If there was such a thing as double-talk humor then this would easily qualify. American football always becomes a major target from the sharp reactions made by the sport commentators. Their quick tongue and sharp wits often portray team players as cavemen in costumes to a degree of fancied speaking. Their reports often end up being just as hilarious to hear a sports report giving the blow by blow account of the one who simply fumbled the ball by accident.