The science behind Football Cheerleaders

No introduction is needed about the cheerleaders in the football game. Cheerleaders are considered an important part of this game. There should definitely be a scientific explanation or a logic behind this In reality there are multiple reasons behind those cheerleaders. In this article you will be given some hard truth behind this cheerleaders.

Is it really about Idealistic Motivation?

Football Cheerleaders XMotivation is something that drives many things in us. With the right motivation, any thing can be done. The girls on the field do this job of plenty of motivation. They cheer for the players and the players get motivated, or is it really just eye candy for the fans? Not as easy as it sounds, the cheerleaders draw the attention from the crowd by performing some stunts or some sexy dance. They grab the attention and thereby they lead the crowd. Whenever they cheer, the crowd cheers with them. This cheering and shouting effects the psychology of the players and their spirit level receive a boost. As a result the team may perhaps play with more enthusiasm and with better spirit level due to hearing the support from the crowds of fans.

The positive energy flows down below

During a game many unfortunate things may happen. In the sports world, a team may lose its spirit. The spectators may also get disappointed. The positive energy flow around the field may get lower. The cheerleader girls with their ever lasting smile on their faces create a positive ambiance. They can save their team by drilling out the positive energy from the spectators. A study shows that, spectators, specially the men, are deeply inspired by this sexy girls. Its a situation where the psychology behind the opposite sex works too well. Now the team which is experiencing so much crowd definitely feel their advantage. For Entertainment Football is itself an entertaining game. But be it an American or European football, breaks are there. During these breaks crowd has nothing to do. This lack of energy level may get an adverse effect on the team.

Let’s face it ‘Sex Sells’...

Cheerleaders with their ‘skimpy dress' and entertaining dance keeps the energy alive. There is another aspect too. After watching aggressive men on the playing field for such long time, it feels good to watch soft, curvy girls dancing. For some moments the crowd gets relaxed and the tension of the game softens. Keeping the noise level up is often distracting the opponents team, making it a strategy to win the game. Cheerleaders help to do it indirectly, acting as a direct rally support of the audience. Whenever it’s necessary to raise the noise level, the cheerleaders start their cheering process. Their dance leads the crowd to burst out with noise. This noise distracts the opponent team and they fail to communicate well between themselves. This noise hinders them to give their top performance likewise. Imagine a half of the stadium cheering for their home team.

These sexy football girls remain almost at an ignorable corners, but their indirect involvement in the game can't be ignored. Call them what you want- The science of human psychology is behind this from the spectators to the players, have profound influence. It is not an exaggerated statement that sometimes because of their intent to win support, a team can actually win.