Football and more: Meet the crew!

Football SWe are a group of people who are passionate about football and started a website dedicated to the sport. Our goal is to entertain, inform, and unite people that share the same passion.

Chad Lundberg aka "Big Dog"

I am the website writer. I love football because it makes me whole. Growing up, I was a shy kid who got bullied a lot and had no friends. I started playing sports not because I wanted to but because my dad wanted me to. Initially, it was a struggle but football gave me a certain kind of inner strength that I did not possess before. And I wanted to get better at it so I gave my all to it, I still do. My teammates and couch embraced me as part of the team, I feel like I found myself through football. I write about football because I love it and because I want to encourage other kids to embrace it Its the best thing that ever happened to me, and I hope that resonates with other teens and gives them the courage to embrace sports. My teammates nicknamed me ‘Big Dog’ because I play real vicious.

Elliot Fredriksson aka "Sir"

I am the website editor. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been told that I have a teachers intuition. I played football in school and I loved it, but teaching was more in line with what I wanted to pursue as a career and so I decided to pursue something that combines both my passions, that is coaching football. Being an editor for a football niche website is important to me because I get to be productive in the football community in more ways than one. Its even more appealing because I am exposed to youths from around the world who love football. My kids call me ‘Sir’.

Ben Eklund aka "The Boss"

I am a contributing writer for the website. I am a gamer and football fanatic. Growing up, I spent most of my time either playing football or gaming. I am like an encyclopedia for football video games. I love competition and I love winning. My favorite quote is "I play to win". People refer to me as ‘The Boss’ because I act like a boss. I do not follow the crowd. I make my on rules and live by them.

Val Nordin aka "Sky Level"

I am a special events reporter for the website. Call me crazy but without football, I cease to exist. It is the primary fiber of my being, it makes me who I am. Without football, I would be lost. I live by the mantra, "Love what you love and never apologize" My family finds my obsession with football weird, they do not get it but I never let their negative energy put me down. I love what I love and I am unapologetic about it My friends and family nicknamed me ‘Sky Level’ because everything I do is usually over the top.

We hope to achieve our goal by sharing top-notch content that is well researched, filled with facts and is entertaining too. If it touches you in any way, educates you about something, or makes you laugh then that makes us really happy. If we didn’t include any of that, be sure to let us know what we should include- that way we can get everyone’s opinion, and not just ours!

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